What Are the Solutions for Cracking & Sinking Patio or Concrete Slabs?

cracked concrete patio paver in san diego

Concrete slabs and patio pavers are commonly used for driveways, front yards, and backyards here in San Diego county. Paired with artificial grass, they make the perfect low water and low maintenance backyard. First, let’s take a look at the why behind the common issues of sinking and cracking slabs.

Why causes a patio to sink?

Often, a sinking patio slab is due to both age, underlying soil degradation and erosion. It’s likely the most common cause is water erosion, and if it has been under 5 years since your patio was built, you might have underlying drainage/irrigation issues on your property. This can be diagnosed and remedied by a local contractor experienced in patio construction. The technique of fixing sinking slabs is referred to as concrete leveling and lifting. If you’re in San Diego, we can come to your home and provide you a free estimate on your patio and concrete needs.

What is concrete leveling or lifting?

When repairing a sunken patio or concrete slab, concrete lifting and leveling is often used. This can only be used in certain cases, and in many instances, our project managers will recommend a full remodel of the patio or concrete area, as leveling and lifting would only temporarily or partially fix the issues present. Concrete lifting is also used in fixing uneven steps, setting walkway or sidewalk slabs, and fixing inconsistencies in driveway panels. It’s a complicated process that must be done correctly for best results, and common methods may include stone slurry grout concrete lifting, mudjacking, or polyurethane foam concrete lifting. Generally speaking, the cost for concrete lifting can range from $1000 to $8000+, depending on the size, area, and complications of the specific hardscape and surrounding landscape.

Fixing Cracks in Patio Pavers or Concrete

Fixing cracks in concrete is a test of patience and skill. It can have great results that are temporary, and poor results that are permanent. Often times with multiple cracks or large cracks, we will recommend a full replacement of the slab or patio pavers. But for those with confidence in their skill, tools, and time, can repair minor cracking. For smaller cracks, such as less than 1/2 inch wide and less than 1/4 inch deep, construction supply stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot carry polymer-based (sand acrylic-latex) filler. Plenty of YouTube videos and articles online will show you the diy approach, and usually include removing loose concrete, cleaning the cracked area, inject with a caulking gun and smooth with a putty knife. The filler is strong stuff, and should be used in caution and allowed to properly dry in good weather.

In conclusion, we’re happy to share our knowledge on fixing, repairing, and replacing concrete slabs and patio pavers. If you’re a San Diego homeowner and want to remodel your front or backyard, contact us today for your free estimate.

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