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Landscape & Hardscape Designers

If you’re searching for a team of qualified and experienced landscape designers in San Diego, then Designs 4 You is here to help! At Designs 4 You we have provided our clients with top-notch landscaping design and remodeling services for many years. Our team of professional project managers will discover unique ideas for your individual landscape and will explain everything needed for your landscape design and implementation.

We first come over to your place and assess the needs of your back or front yard redesign, then we will make a plan for your approval, and send over a virtual invoice. If you agreed to work with us, our team will complete the project within the given deadlines and provide your family with the San Diego landscape architect they have always dreamed of.

We proudly partner with the top financing companies to offer competitive rates and plans for a variety of budgets. Get your free estimate today and chat with an expert project manager. Your project manager will help guide you through the whole remodeling process, from design and estimate, to any permits, and the final construction.

Expert San Diego Landscape Designs

At Designs 4 You, we love creating a unique landscape design and plan that will leave a lasting impression on your friends and family. We offer practical, customized, and beautiful designs that improve the aesthetic value of your front or backyard at very reasonable prices.

Landscape Contractors & Construction Pros

We take pride in helping customers design, plan, and complete the construction of a new front or backyard area, or the renovation of an already existing landscape. Hire a team of professionals you can trust, and contact us today for your free estimate on a new landscape design in San Diego!

Our Services include but are not limited to:


When you hire us for your landscape design work, you’ll immediately see our commitment to excellence in everything we do. We have only one mission and that is to provide the highest quality work and personalized service to you and your family. We are a family owned landscape company trusted by hundreds of customers in San Diego. We have dozens of 5-star reviews and take pride in our reputation.


A Variety of Plans & Options for Your San Diego Backyard Renovation

We are dedicated to elevating your San Diego property to the next level so that it looks exceptional due to our landscape services and good old fashioned hard work.

From drought resistant front yards to custom fireplaces and BBQ pits in small or large backyards, we can handle all of your softscape and hardscape needs.

  • Drought Tolerant Landscaping
  • Xeriscaping
  • Meadow Garden Landscaping
  • Modern & Traditional Landscaping
  • Country Style Landscaping
  • Mediterranean Landscaping
  • Tropical Landscaping & Plants
  • Desert Landscaping
  • And Custom Landscaping Solutions


Our landscaping work is completed with proper planning and careful implementation. We sit down with you, listen to all your needs and wants, give you suggestions and unique ideas to help your landscape look the best, then bring it to reality. We specialize in creating livable outdoor spaces and our goal is to let you enjoy your home.

From retaining walls to artificial turf, we have a variety of drought-tolerant and functional options for you to choose from.


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Call us today at (858) 939-9998 and enjoy a free estimate and San Diego landscaping ideas from our team of experts.


Landscape Contractors & Architect Services

You may need the services of a landscape architect and designer. Commonly for any large hardscape installations, you’ll want a 3D landscape design rendering created. Our team will help you plan all of this out, including architecture and design. The drought-tolerant hardscape trend has caught the U.S. by a storm, and people absolutely love it. It is the process of incorporating material such as wood, stone, concrete, and more into your landscape design, to improve the looks of your home and make it a unique piece of art. We focus on low maintenance, low water usage, and modern design.

  • Arbors and pergolas
  • Retaining walls
  • Outdoor fire pits
  • Water features
  • Ponds (large and small)
  • Outdoor walkways
  • Paver walkways & stones
  • And other custom landscaping and hardscaping services


If you’re having trouble choosing landscape contractors and designers for your property, then give us a call at (858) 939-9998 and we can come by and give you the best assessment and estimate. We’re here to help make your landscape remodel a fun and painless process.

Note* We offer our landscape design & construction services in the majority of San Diego County.



At Designs 4 You Remodeling, we pride ourselves on the quality of our hardscaping services. We use landscape pavers to transform your driveways, pool decks, walkways, and pathways. They are one of the strongest materials that can be used as a landscape foundation. As licensed contractors, we provide a large selection of sizes, colors, textures, and shapes of pavers to enhance your property. The use of pavers not only beautify your outdoor living space but also offer you easy maintenance. In order to achieve the best, we ensure that your project details receive our full attention from site preparation to the installation of each paver.

Hardscaping is a solution to the vulnerable and transient vegetation on your land. Hardscape can enhance your outdoor living space appearance, and also provide a smooth continuity from your home’s interior to the exterior (and vice-versa). We can help your family plan and model the very best hardscaping ideas and options available for your front and back yard.

We ensure that your San Diego landscaping is carefully designed, planned, and implemented before softscape commences, for the most excellent of results. We're here to answer all of your questions about hardscaping, throughout the whole process.



The design of your back and/or front yard is important to the value and aesthetic appeal of your property. Your hardscape design has to properly flow with your softscape design and functional features, such as concrete patios, walkways and driveways. Our design professionals will recommend the best in hardscaping materials and styles to meet your dream landscape goals.

If you want water-saving hardscape features that add functional value, give us a call today for your free estimate at (858) 939-9998




Whether the retaining wall is meant for a home, walkway, river area, commercial location, or a park, it must be properly designed & engineered for it to accomplish its purpose. You can rely on our talented professionals to help you archive this with your landscape wall. We are well experienced in tearing out older retaining walls and other features and installing new retaining walls. Using a variety of high quality materials, we can generate a beautiful and functional retaining wall that fits your style and budget. We will be by your side every step of the way.




As experienced driveway contractors, we provide a wide range of driveway services. These services aim at providing both value and options when it comes to either building a new driveway or replacing your driveway. Our driveway services include other selections such as machine curbing, edging curbs laying concrete curbs, drainage systems, and building driveway aprons. When you want an experienced driveways paver, you want Designs 4 You Remodeling.




The outdoor of your home is normally the foremost thing people see. As a first impression, everybody wants it to offer a curb appeal. Designs 4 You offers expert hardscapers and landscapers for all of your exterior renovation work. We offer an extensive variety of exterior services and all work is completed from start to finish by our employees. We can help you give the outside of your home the love and attention that it deserves.




Your home shouldn’t stop when you walk outside the door. Let us transform your backyard to a space that brings endless amounts of elegance and beauty to your outdoor. Whether you are planning for more privacy or plan to regularly entertain, Designs 4 You Remodeling offers a backyard remodeling to suit your needs. Planning a backyard makeover can be an overwhelming task. When you hire us, we take care of all your details. Our designers will help you with the execution of any garden, lawn, or hardscaping plans in your backyard. We will perform tasks such as the construction of landscape projects and the design of beautiful yards that will ensure that your backyard looks its best.

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These guys were really great, I had them come quote a job where they could have easily made a buck off of me, but instead they told me how I could easily do the project myself and save thousands. Feels rare to come across honesty like that! I would definitely trust this company to do an amazing job. I’ll be calling them for future needs!

House Painting & Exterior Coating

Megan Dougherty

Designs 4 you really did their part , I was impressed from the time I called to schedule an appointment and more impressed when the project manager showed up ! These guys are amazing !

Landscape & Hardscape Design

Kat Abreu

We just completed a backyard remodel with Designs 4 You and are thrilled with the results. The turf is the best quality and looks terrific. Our pavers and border are solid with a concrete underlayment. Sharon, our project manager, really cares about his customers and is willing to get his hands dirty– he planted our shrubs himself! The team was efficient, on time daily, clean, and completed the work as promised.

Landscape & Hardscape Design

Paulina Nelson

The project took about 6 months from landscape design beginnings to yard completion. We had 3400+ cubic feet of cement removed (a huge portion butted up to our house and pool). The precision of pulling that up was amazing. We got to know the workers pretty well since they were here 5 days a week working from 7-4 for 3 months straight.

Landscape & Hardscape Design

Kelley Deriemer

Our Project Manager, Sharon, took all of our ideas into consideration and delivered something beyond even what my wife and I could have imagined. The attention to detail, the speed with which they worked, and the suggestions that they offered to bring our yard to life was incredible. We don’t have much of a backyard due to space, and we wanted a space in our front yard for our son to play. We got flawless concrete and turf work, in addition to beautiful walls, a fence, and a gorgeous Santa Barbara style planter.

Landscape and Hardscape Design 

Preston Roeschlein

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