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San Diego Landscape Installation: Create Your Oasis

Did you know California places second in the number of professional landscaping businesses in the US?

With so many options around, investing in San Diego landscape installation is a no-brainer, but how can you know what’s right for your outdoor space? What are the best landscaping ideas out there, and how would you even go about placing them in your own space?

Luckily, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know. Read on to learn how to landscape a backyard, and when bringing in a professional is the better move.

What Is Its Purpose?

The first thing you have to think about is the purpose your outdoor space is going to be serving. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • Do you host dinner parties or have people over often?
  • How many people are usually there?
  • Does the space need to be kid or pet-friendly?
  • Are you just looking for a quiet space to sunbathe during the summers?
  • How many months of the year do you spend outside?

If you host people any time of the year, then it might make sense to have an outdoor kitchen and a fire pit or some other warming feature. If you’re only in your yard during the warm months, and you rarely host guests, then you might not need anything super fancy.

This question is important to answer first because it’s going to give the rest of your project purpose.

Add to What You Have

Often, landscape installations are meant to act as an exterior addition to your home. Instead of creating a space that’s separate from the rest of your property, why not add more to what’s already there?

You can do this by selecting plants that play up the colors of your home, or choosing furniture for the outside that matches the inside. If you have brick anywhere in your home, you can place brick pavers somewhere in your yard as a patio add-on.

This is the perfect way to add cohesiveness and to make everything flow together.

Highlight Specific Features

Do you have a pool? Maybe you have a garden with lots of fruit trees and hanging vines. You might even live somewhere with a beautiful view.

It’s important to highlight any features your property does have and to downplay anything you don’t want to look at all the time.

You can create a sitting area to enjoy the views with a cup of coffee or install an eating area on the edge of your garden to enjoy all of the shade you eat. If there are eyesores, you can plant hedges or even screens to block them from view.

Make Space for Wildlife

In addition to playing up any unique features you already have in your outdoor space, you can also create additional room for wildlife if you have the space. It’s actually not as hard as you might think.

If you choose to hire a landscape company, you should speak with them about plants native to your area. By simply planting native grasses and flowers, you’re giving bees a place to pollinate and caterpillars a place to cocoon before they’re butterflies.

Certain hedges act as shelter from predators for small animals from predators, and others act as food for others to eat. You can even add birdfeeders if you’d like to give them a place to rest in your yard.

Add Pavers

Pavers can serve a lot of different purposes. You can place enough together to create a new seating or grilling area in the middle of your lawn, or you can create paths to different sections of your yard. They can also serve as separators and even a spot for planters to sit.

Whatever you need them for, adding pavers to your yard is a great way to make use of a versatile tool that’s perfect for any budget.

Time to Furnish

How you furnish is going to depend on your space’s overall purpose, but one factor is going to stay the same — you want it to be comfortable and durable.

Whether you’re dining, relaxing, entertaining, or some combination of the three, your furniture should be able to serve its purpose while holding up against any conditions. It’s also a great idea to ensure it’s washable.

Having small tables and chairs is great for cocktails and snacks, while large loungers are perfect for days by the pool.

Don’t Forget Lighting

Lastly, you don’t want to forget lighting. Using this to your advantage is the perfect way to create a unique ambiance for your space, and it’s great for illuminating certain parts of your outdoor space.

For cooking areas, you should place lights that allow for easy meal prep and eating. To expand your space, you can light up the trees or your fence, and you can even decorative lighting to brighten up steps and draw out pathways.

It might be something you easily overlook, but decent lighting can a huge difference in your outdoor space.

Are You in Need of San Diego Landscape Installation?

Now that we’ve gone over a few ideas for the perfect San Diego landscape installation, are you ready to get started? Whether you just moved into a new home and you’re making it your own or you’re fixing up what you’ve already built, seeking landscaping advice can make all the difference.

If you’re really stuck, however, you can always bring in the professionals.

At Designs 4 You, our team is made up of experts in landscape design and installation and, we’re here to help you create your perfect oasis. Contact us today to get started.

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