Best Kid and Pet Friendly Landscaping Ideas

pet friendly landscaping ideas
pet friendly landscaping ideas

Did you know that more than 44% of parents claim their children play outside for 2-3 hours a day? In the same study, 80% of parents said that their children preferred playing outside rather than indoors.  When it comes to your children and even your pets, having a safe outside play area is very important.

Planning landscaping projects can be very challenging. There are many options available, but not all are kid and pet friendly.  How can you make sure the created environment is appropriate for kids and pets. 

Choosing the right professional to complete your landscaping job can make the process seamless, and the results beautiful.

Please continue reading to learn about kid and pet-friendly landscaping ideas for your yard.

Choosing the Right Plants for Pet-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

When landscaping with pets and kids in mind, consider the appropriate plants, features, and materials.  What should be avoided? 

Plants are a beautiful addition to any backyard landscaping project. Many common plants can be toxic or poisonous to both humans and pets. Even contact with the poisonous plant can cause illness.  What are the right plants for your yard? 

A great place to start is the ASPCA.  They have a printable list of toxic and non-toxic plants. These toxic plants include Crabapples, Azaleas, California Ivy, Daisys, and Foxglove to name a few.

Even the simple Hosta, readily used in landscaping designs, is poisonous to dogs and cats. Milkweed is another example.  Many people like to use it in their butterfly gardens, but it is highly toxic to cats and dogs. These plants would not work in a kid and pet-friendly yard.

Understanding what is toxic in your specific geographical area will go a long way in creating a safe backyard for both kids and pets. Plants have varying toxicity levels as well.  The landscape professionals at Designs 4 You are well aware of appropriate plants to use for your landscaping job.  

Choosing the Right Features

Landscaping features can include anything from pools to outdoor kitchens. They can consist of planters and different types of rocks. 

Areas such as pools, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits offer an excellent atmosphere and great spaces to entertain friends and family. When children and pets are involved, these places can be dangerous. To keep the little ones free from harm, it is good to have these areas fenced off. 

Gates and railings are also important additions to pools, ponds, and decks. Access to these features should be limited to help keep your kids and pets safe. 

The elements we add to our backyards should also be well maintained. A pond, for example, that is left uncirculated, could become stagnate.  Standing water can cause many parasites and bacteria to grow.  Both can be dangerous to kids and pets. Kid-friendly landscaping ideas that include water features should make sure the water is moving. 

Choosing the Right Materials

 What choices do you have to maintain your newly landscaped area?  Weeds tend to overcome an area quickly.  Pests can swiftly invade as well. When pets and children play in the area, can pesticides be used? If so, what kind? 

Choose wisely when searching for the pesticide that will suit your family’s needs.  The EPA posts a list of tips to help reduce the chance of your child being poisoned by pesticides.

It may be in your family’s best interest to use organic products for your lawn, and not use pesticides.  This will altogether eliminate the chance of poisoning by pesticides. A kid and pet-friendly yard will be pesticide-free. 

Play Surfaces

A professional landscaper is a great resource to help you choose the best surface for your newly landscaped yard.  The commonplace grass lawn is versatile for everyone’s needs.  It may not be as soft as other play surfaces and may wear and tear from the dogs, but overall it can be maintained to look nice throughout the season.

Artificial turf and rubberized surfaces are great for high traffic areas and areas where falls are likely.  Clean-up for pets can be very easy as well.  These surfaces are highly versatile. 

Mulch and gravel can also be possible choices for your kid and pet-friendly yard. They can be a bit messier and will tend to spread but still offer a softer play surface for both kids and pets.

A good rule of thumb is to be careful with any loose materials.  Kids will always throw them and pets will always eat them. 

Create Variety in Your Spaces

A kid and pet-friendly yard will have numerous spaces for both to play. Create a space that sends your kids and your pets on their very own adventure each time they play in the yard. 

Your yard can have different areas for different types of play. Include the appropriate plants that will attract insects and animals, making a nature playscape for your kids.

Using plants and hardscape materials can section off your yard into play areas for your pets and kids and still allow for relaxing adult areas

Kid and Pet-Friendly Yards by Professionals

Creating the ultimate backyard that incorporates areas for adults, kids and pets can be difficult.  Professional landscapers have the skillset needed to create yards filled with kid and pet-friendly ideas.

The process begins with designers who will layout your yard, addressing the needs of your family.  Ensuring you have kid and pet-friendly landscaping ideas in your yard will be their top priority.

Once your design is finalized, a good landscaping company such as Designs 4 You will take the design and make it a reality. Creating the perfect yard for your family will be an intensive process.  Allow the professionals to take the task off your hands.

Sounds like a good time to contact Designs 4 You to create your perfect backyard.  Let us take care of your family’s needs with our quality work and outstanding customer service!

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