7 Concrete Patio Ideas Great for Entertaining Guests

concrete patio
concrete patio

Imagine a summer evening lounging on your patio with cold drinks in hand and a group of friends watching the sunset with you. Or, imagine sipping on hot cocoa around a backyard bonfire in the wintertime.

These scenarios are all possibilities depending on how you design your backyard and, considering outdoor living space is now being viewed as more valuable, it’s a great time to think about reinventing your concrete patio.

So, are you interested in checking out some of the best concrete patio ideas? Let’s take a look at a few concrete patio ideas you can implement and get you inspired.

1. Add a Wooden Pergola

Pergolas are simple additions to your yard, yet they add so much. They also come in tons of different colors, styles, and shapes. 

One design idea we love is to add a pergola to your backyard patio or deck. The beautiful, rich wood of the pergola will offset the more industrial concrete feel, creating a sense of balance on your patio. 

To up the ante, choose pergola colors that offset the tones of your patio’s concrete. For example, you can select darker woods with light concrete or softer woods for dark stone patios. 

Finally, add some personality to your pergola by adding hanging plants or string lights. These features can create a unique ambiance that makes an excellent entertaining space. 

2. Build Seating Into Your Patio

If you have a patio with little space, that’s not to say that an entertainment zone can’t be one of your concrete patio uses. All you have to do is get creative about your design.

One way you can create space where there isn’t any is to build the seating into your patio. Adhere benches to your patio and garden walls and add a few cute throw pillows. 

The result is a cozy space that feels a lot bigger than it is. You can also add a small firepit or table to the center of the patio if you want to create a tight-knit feel, but you don’t have to.

3. Add an Outdoor Kitchen

One design trend in the world of patio and backyard design is adding an outdoor kitchen to your space. This idea is fantastic, especially if you enjoy entertaining.

You can be as creative as you like when it comes to outdoor kitchens. Add a grill, implement outdoor refrigerators, or create other nooks for appliances that make your kitchen perfect for entertaining. 

One pro tip? Consider adding a wine or beer refrigerator. It’s a great feature if you plan to host parties outdoors, as you can grab ice-cold beverages without heading indoors. 

4. Make Use of Your Green Space

The greenery you have on your patio can play tons of different roles. And while many people simply have vegetation to brighten up the yard, there’s so much more you can do.

One way you can use greenery is to plant small gardens that separate sections of your patio. For example, split up your concrete patio into two chunks with a cheerful garden island in the middle. 

The result makes for a beautiful outdoor area with more than one entertaining option. It’s ideal for having several small groups over to the home at once. 

5. Add a Border

Most of us simply throw down some concrete in our backyards and call it a day. And while this can create beautiful patios, it’s far from unique.

One way that you can make your patio unique is to add a border. Think about using planters to line your patio for a creative outdoor space. 

Or, you can make a border out of different types of concrete. Have your main patio built out of one kind of cement while using a different color, style, or pattern for the edges. 

Just adding a simple border can make your patio feel more private and add some excitement. 

6. Use Hanging Furniture

Remember how we mentioned that there are ways to make small patios feel larger? Well, adding built-in seating isn’t the only method. Another great way to do so is to use hanging furniture. 

Hanging furniture is surprisingly comfortable and can add a touch of style to your outdoor space. We love wicker basket chairs and swinging benches, among others. 

This is a nifty way to make your backyard bigger no matter what furniture you choose. Plus, you can sprinkle several pieces of hanging furniture around to make room for multiple guests. 

7. Make Your Patio an Extension of Your Indoor Areas

Another inspiring way to design your patio is to make it like an extension of your outdoor space.

How do you do that, you ask? Well, start with a set of sliding doors. With these, you can open up your kitchen, dining room, or living room and connect it to the outdoor area. 

Then, consider using concrete both on the patio and the indoor room. Finally, match the paint or wall decor to the concrete to create a space that feels like one big, open outdoor room for guests.

Build the Perfect Concrete Patio for You

No matter which of these designs inspires you, there are tons of ways to decorate your concrete patio. You can mix and match some of the ideas or come up with something completely different.

Are you ready to build your outdoor patio? Get in touch, and we’ll help you with every aspect of your concrete patio installation.

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