7 Benefits of Artificial Turf for Your Yard

artificial turf
artificial turf

Research shows that 81% of Americans own lawns. Having outdoor space to relax in and care for is part of our culture, so our green spaces are here to stay.

Think about how much time you spend maintaining your lawn. How much do you spend on fertilizer, equipment, and weed killer? What chemicals are lurking in those blades of grass?

But there is a way to make things easier, cleaner, and cheaper. The best part is your lawn will always be there for your garden parties.

Artificial turf is your answer. 

But what are the benefits of artificial turf? Why is it better than wet turf? And is it worth the investment?

We have a guide with all you need to know. Read on to learn more.

1. Save Money with Artificial Turf

Did you know that consumers spend up to $36 billion each year on irrigated lawns? That’s quite a bill. Added to stretched budgets, it can seem unnecessary.

Artificial turf is an upfront investment, but your long-term savings will make it all worth it.

Forget about stocking up on fertilizer and weed killers. These things are pricey. And what about gardening equipment?

If you mow your own lawn you will either use gasoline or electricity, which costs you cash. Even if you hire a landscaper, you still have to pay their salary. 

Artificial turf lets you keep that cash in your pocket.

2. Keep Chemicals Away from Family and Pets

Lawn treatment chemicals like fertilizer and weed killer are harmful and stick around for a long time. Even rainwater struggles to shift it. And some of these chemicals have nasty origins

For example, 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) is widely used all over the world as a herbicide. But it is related to Agent Orange, the powerful agricultural weapon used in the Vietnam War.

Lawn chemicals can affect your endocrine systems, causing hormonal imbalances in your body. If you get them in your eyes or mouth, you could be in trouble. 

Your family and pets love your lawn as much as you do. It is vital to keep it a safe space. And safe spaces are free of harmful chemicals.

3. Drain Rainwater, Skip the Puddles

Irrigation channels let your artificial turf get rid of rainwater in a splash. Because the water will drain evenly, you won’t get puddles or even mud. This makes your lawn look fresher year-round.

Less standing water also reduces the risk of mosquitoes in hot climates like San Diego. Mosquito larvae hatch and grow in standing water. Artificial turf prevents this, so you can avoid those itchy bites.

Before installation, professionals will smooth out the earth under your turf. This stops water from pooling under your artificial grass, too.

4. Make Your Lawn Drought-Proof

This flipside is when the sky refuses to rain at all. In August 2022, the National Centers for Environmental Information reported that 39.3% of the USA suffered from drought.

While your neighbor’s lawns are turning yellow, yours will be fresh and green. Watering can also be a problem when drought strikes due to governmental bans. Artificial turf lets you keep your water for yourself.

Dry grass can catch fire, as we have all seen on the news. This can be devastating and can have the simplest origins, from a flicked cigarette to reflected light. Fake grass keeps you safe during dry seasons.

5. Maintain Your Lawn with Ease

Yard work can be enjoyable, but it can also be a pain. You’re busy and tired, and you’re watching your turf grow out of control next to your relaxing patio space.

Then there are the weeds, insects, and overgrown edges. You need to trim, snip, and brush at regular intervals to keep your turf looking good.

Artificial turf needs little to no maintenance. Moss refuses to grow, annoying insects are expelled, and weeds are a thing of the past. You can implement landscaping tips to the max.

All fake grass needs is a little brushing to remove dead leaves. But this is for aesthetic purposes. Your artificial turf will be just fine either way.

6. Keep Bacteria and Fungus at Bay

Choose artificial turf with anti-bacterial or anti-fungal treatment. This stops harmful pathogens from growing and getting on your family’s hands.

Artificial turf forms a safe play area for sports, games, and gatherings. Of course, you still need to wash your hands, but compared to wet turf, it is far safer. And you can skip the grass stains in the future.

Not all fungus is harmful, of course, but it can still look bad. Who wants to look at a huge mushroom blooming under your beautiful trees?

Keep your garden and patio space looking fine with artificial turf.

7. Never Fear the Shade

Shaded spots can become home to mud, fungus, and boggy sludge. If you have trees in your garden or high walls, artificial turf is for you. It keeps its shape and color in the shade. 

Shade spots are perfect places to sit in summer, away from the sun. But when you sit in a wet patch, standing up to jeers from your friends, they are less perfect.

In summer, artificial turf lets you use your whole lawn as a sitting spot. Prop up a chair without fear of sinking into the mud. Or just lie on your back and get some rest.

Ready to Futureproof Your Lawn?

We hope our guide helped you dig into the benefits of artificial turf. This is an investment that will save you heaps of cash in the long run. And you will have more time for the things that matter without that yard work.

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