Backyard Lighting Ideas

The Best Backyard Lighting Ideas for Your Home

We’ve seen it with our own two eyes.

Backyard lighting can transform a yard from a scary, dark abyss into a luminous fairy tale.

However, there are a lot of lighting options to consider. Do you go with standard directional lighting or get more creative with string or chandelier lighting?

Whichever style you envision, there’s no doubt that lighting can transform the atmosphere of your yard.

Read on for some of the best backyard lighting ideas to get started on choosing your lighting design.

Backyard Lighting Ideas to Create Your Ideal Atmosphere

Generally, there are five basic styles of landscape lighting. These include directional lighting, pathway lighting, hanging lighting, decorative lighting, and in-ground lighting.

Great backyard lighting design typically includes a mix of a few types of lighting for variation. These five base types are features below, plus several creative, lesser-known options.

1. Pathway Lighting

Pathway lights are lights that can line your garden pathway, walkway, or driveway. They are mounted on short posts and add small splashes of light close to the ground along your chosen path.

The great thing about pathway lighting is the variety of design options. Think round, soft bulbs that give off an ambient glow to oval, carved bulbs that create patterns in the light on the ground.

Pathway lighting is an excellent way to add beauty to well-traveled areas in your yard and also for nighttime guidance on walkways.

You can also choose to install either LED lighting or solar lights that charge during the day.

2. String Lighting

 If you’ve ever been to an outdoor restaurant that featured overhead string lights, you’re likely familiar with how they can create a magical, relaxed atmosphere.

String lights, which are also referred to as bistro, or market lights, can be strung overhead from trees, attached to fences or walls, or even on freestanding posts.

Some string lights are also attached to ropes, adding glimmer and depth to a nautical or rustic theme that can pair well with a pool.

String lights work best with open-air patios or decks, but don’t be afraid to get creative and try new angles and ideas.

3. Directional Lighting

 Directional lighting (also called spotlighting) is lighting that illuminates focal points in your landscape with narrow or wide beams of light.

Directional lights can be used as pathway lighting, shining beams of light upward onto plants lining a driveway or walkway. Plus, they can also be used to highlight landscaping features such as garden sculptures or unique foliage.

4. Step and Rail Lighting

 Step and rail lights not only add a soft, appealing touch to your steps but are also important for safety. These can be attached underneath steps, level changes, or a railway to impart splashes of guiding light.

5. Lantern Lighting

 Lantern lighting can add a dreamy, mysterious ambiance to your backyard. One of the great things about lantern lights is that they come in diverse shapes and sizes.

You can use small lanterns on tabletops, large ground lanterns nestled around your seating area, or even lanterns hanging on wall sconces for flood and pathway lighting.

6. In-Ground Lighting

Ground lights, or deck lights, are mounted into the ground. They provide upward lighting and can act as path lights or accent lights around your home and garden.

These lights can also be featured around pool decks to add a warm glow to evening swims.

7. Chandelier Lighting

 Chandelier lighting is a creative form of lighting that uses a chandelier as a centerpiece for an outdoor entertaining area.

Chandeliers create wide, ambient light, which can be ideal for lighting larger areas. Weatherproof outdoor versions may be available, so rest assured your chandelier is safe outside.

8. Water Lighting

Waterproof lighting has made serious progress in recent years. If your backyard features a pool or other water feature, consider accenting it with light.

You can either add backlighting to a waterfall, place in-ground lights in rocks around a small pond or even add large, floating light orbs to your pool for a modern glow.

9. Moon Lighting

Moonlighting is a relatively new trend. It is similar to spotlights, but instead of shining light upward from the ground, it shines light downward.

This effect is thought to mimic moonlight and will sometimes be installed about trees to add a “moonlight filtering in through the trees” effect.

Outdoor Lighting Basics: Bulbs

Bulbs are a big factor when it comes to efficient outdoor lighting. You’ll find that LED light bulbs typically cost more upfront, yet they are also more energy-efficient and last much longer than incandescent bulbs.

As for ambiance, consider whether you would prefer a warmer glow or brighter, more diffused lighting.

Edison bulbs run dim and warm, while globes and holiday-style lights are brighter and whiter. Amber-colored bulbs are also an option for bright light with a warmer tone.

It’s also worth considering shatter-proof plastic bulbs, especially if you’ll be hanging them at a lower height. This can help prevent accidents.

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