The Best Landscape Design Plans for Small & Medium Sized Yards

lakeside patio

Like many homeowners in San Diego, you may be faced with an issue of too small of a front or backyard outdoor living space. We love helping people take full advantage of all of the open space they have, and in some cases, hardscaping and leveling the landscape to create even more space.

San Diego is an expensive city to live in, and properties generally range from 2400 to 8000+ sq. feet. The average is around 6500 sq. ft, which is six times larger than Philadelphia. With this limited space for a patio, playset or swing set for kids, or pool, along with a nice patch of drought resistant artificial turf, you’re asking for complications when planning a landscape design.

Here are some helpful tips for the best landscape design for a small sized yard:

  1. Have a small backyard but a decent size front yard? Use your front yard as your backyard with a patio or outdoor living space, as well as your standard walkway/driveway. We even have customers who have placed a full outdoor kitchen and BBQ grill in their front yard, as that was their best option.
  2. Create a vertical enclosure with fencing or landscape/retaining walls, that create a boundary and feeling of security for your yard.
  3. Use potted plants that can be put on raised surfaces or even hang plants vertically from your wall or fence, saving space.
  4. Take advantage of the side yard! We have customers who have made flower boxes and we have used patio stone pavers to create walkways and function to these often neglected areas common to San Diego yards.
  5. Use artificial grass (turf) instead of real grass, as it will be easier to edge and keep under control. Overgrowth looks unappealing and makes things look like they take up more space than they do.
  6. Install a small concrete patio. Patios don’t have to be large and include decks and expensive features. They can be simple and elegant, with room for a small table for eating outside with friends and family. You can even have a sunken patio designed, which has walls encompassing the patio, creating depth and space.
  7. Small backyards with large slopes, common on San Diego canyons and mesas, can feel small due to the slope and drop off. You can use retaining walls to reclaim that sloped space, and even have tiered gardens in that area to add functionality.

Do you have a small or medium yard in San Diego county that you need help with? Our project managers are standing by and would love to consult with you on a landscape remodel. Contact us here today!

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