8 Inspiring Landscape Design Ideas

Landscape Design Ideas

Most people who spend time working on outdoor projects for their backyard design spend upwards of $1000 and usually spend no more than $5000.

Designing and landscaping your backyard does not have to break the budget. There are so many things that you can do and services you can get that will not break the bank.

If you have been thinking about upgrading your outdoor design but have not yet because you are not sure what you are going to do, we have come up with a few ideas for you. Keep reading to get some inspiration and landscape design ideas. 

1. Add Window Boxes to Your Front Porch 

If you do not have a porch in your front yard, one thing that you can do to add a little bit of landscaping to the area is to add window boxes. This is the perfect way to spruce up your outdoor design without taking up the space that you already have.

This is also perfect because you can add them to any window, whether they are upstairs or on the first floor.

2. Create a Faux Plant Wall

In your backyard, if you have a lot of space on your outdoor walls, you may want to spice it up a bit. Instead of leaving them plain, you can actually add decor to the wall itself and landscaping to the wall itself. To do this, you can add a faux plant wall.

Although you could try to add one that is real, if you want to make your life a lot easier, it is best to go with a fake one. You can even create an outline or decorations around the faux plant wall to make it a statement.

3. Create a Lounge Area

If you plan to entertain in your backyard, a great design idea is to create a hardscape lounge area. Around this area, you can easily add different landscaping designs like mulch, different native species of plants and trees or flowers, and grass if you want it to be surrounded by that.

You can do just about anything with your lounge area. For instance, you can add a wooden bamboo floor, a concrete floor, or anything else. It is then up to you whether or not you want to cover the area.

The rest is completely up to you as well. You can have a fire pit, tables, and chairs, or even a couch if that is what you want. 

4. Integrated Landscape Design

Although it can be easy to separate your hardscape from your landscape, integrating your landscape design into the hardscape can actually create a very cohesive and organic work.

To do this, you can add potted plants along the entire vicinity of a rooftop courtyard lounge; you can create a pathway with rocks intercepting the different pavers, you can connect your pool seamlessly with landscaping right next to it, and more. 

5. Create a Canopy

If you like landscaping to make a statement, then look no further than creating a canopy out of flowers or plants. This is the perfect look if you have a breezeway or a walkway of sorts that leads to somewhere else in your backyard.

You can consider adding a canopy of fig ivy for a great first impression for anyone who visits. This looks great on a backdrop of a white structure or white pillars. Leading up to the canopy, you can add different flowers and plants that make the entire walkway the center of attention.

6. Add Hedges

Hedges are much more than a simple piece of landscaping to add to your backyard design. They can actually create separation from one part of the backyard to another.

If you have a patio as well as a backyard, you can easily put hedges around the patio to create a sense of privacy and separation from the backyard itself.

Additionally, you could add hedges to a yard that does not have a fence to act as a faux fence. This adds an entirely new design element with functionality as well.

7. Create an Easy Border 

If you do not feel like adding hedges to the backyard if you do not have a fence, you can consider adding a fence and adding landscape around the fence itself. This is a simple design that creates a border along the fence while also incorporating more aesthetically pleasing designs into your backyard.

Consider using mulch on the ground with simple plants and trees to create varying dimensions in your backyard.

8. Add Structural Elements

If you really want to add a specific defining structure to your backyard, you can do this with landscaping. You can easily do this by adding varying size plants and trees to create contrasting shapes and sizes in the backyard.

You can even choose one specific landscaping design that you want to be the focal point of the backyard. This could be a large tree, or it could be a path surrounded by smaller plants.

Landscape Design Ideas for Your Home 

Designing your backyard does not have to take a lot of effort to look beautiful. With these eight landscape design ideas for your home, your outdoor design will look beautiful in no time. 

Whether you want to add an easy border of plants around your backyard or you want to create a canopy design with a specific plan, we want to help you! You can schedule a free estimate with us today.

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