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6 Fire Pit Ideas for the Ultimate Backyard

fire pit

Burn bright! The global fire pit market is worth more than $450 million. It’s becoming cheaper and easier to install fire pits in backyards across the country. 

If you want a bold and stylish backyard feature, you should install a fire pit. But don’t pick the first pit you see. Think about some great fire pit ideas first. 

What materials you can put in and around your fire pit? How can you create a comfortable area near your pit? Are there other features you should add to your yard? 

Answer these questions and you can create an incredible backyard design in no time. Here are six great fire pit ideas.

1. Go Rustic

Many fire pit ideas create a rustic aesthetic. If you have a fire pit already dug in your backyard, you can add a circle of stones around it. This makes the fire pit feel like a campfire. 

For an above-ground pit, you can make a stone enclosure with stacks of rocks. You can hold the rocks in place using wires or large weathered boulders. Lay gravel, sticks, and dead leaves on the ground for an additional touch.

You can use your fire pit as a focal point in your rustic backyard design. If you have a nearby garden or if your home is near the woods, you should place your pit near these features to encourage people to look around. Try to select a circular or symmetrical pit, which is pleasing to the eye. 

2. Use Natural Materials 

Many people love fire pits because they remind them of the outdoors. You can underscore this by using natural materials in and around your fire pit. Select a pit made of stone or red brick. 

You can cut wood and feed your fires with it. But a natural gas firepit may be easier to maintain and clean.

Talk to a fire pit installer about whether you should select a natural gas one. If you want a gas pit with a natural aesthetic to it, you can place the pit inside a wall, making it resemble an old fireplace.

Try putting your fire pit underneath or near leafy foliage. If you want a privacy fence, install one made of wood and place it just behind your fire pit. The green leaves and the soft brown of the wood will create a scene similar to a campground or forest.

3. Make a Secluded Spot

If you want to access your firepit easily, you should place it within a few paces of your back door. But placing your pit further away from your house can make the area feel more intimate and unique. 

To further isolate your fire pit, you can put a retaining wall around it. The wall can double as a bench and screen, allowing your guests to sit down. Retaining walls can also help with a number of lawn problems, including erosion and bad drainage. 

Overhead coverage can make your fire pit area cozy and protect it from rain. You can install a trellis or open shade structure over your head, but make sure there is enough space for the smoke to diffuse.

4. Add Lighting

Many people assume that they do not need lights around their fire pits. In reality, your backyard can become very dark once your fire burns out. The juxtaposition of the bright fire against a dark background can hurt your eyes, making it hard to relax. 

You can add a few lights along the pathway leading up to your fire pit. This will create a good juxtaposition of artificial and natural light, and it will make a safe walkway for you. 

If you want to make your fire pit the main source of light, you can order a reflective material. You can place your fire inside a steel bowl or rocks with a shiny coating on them. You can also select a star or flower shape for your pit, which can draw the eye toward the flames.

5. Create Seating Areas

If you don’t want to spend much money on your seating area, you can order a few seats and place them around your pit. Try to select lounge or beach chairs that are easy to sit and lean back in. 

If you want an elaborate seating area, you can make an open-concept design. You can order a flat fire pit with a rim, providing enough room for your guests to put their drinks and plates on it. You can place chairs around the fire pit along with a grill and stools to serve food and drinks.

6. Juxtapose Fire With Water

If you want spectacular visuals, you should add a water feature next to your fire pit. Look at a few water feature ideas before pairing a feature with your fire pit.

A fountain can reflect the color of the fire while offering a different texture. Fire and water bowls are features that have both fire and water simultaneously. You can order a pit that has flames coming out of the top and water pouring from the side.

You can even place your fire pit above or inside a pool. This will require extensive work in your yard, but it can create bold visuals. 

Select Your Perfect Fire Pit

A fire pit can do many things for your backyard. You can create a rustic aesthetic with natural materials. Seclude your pit from the yard for a cozy vibe. 

Feel free to add lights around your pit to illuminate the area and create a visual clash. Add seats and create an open design to turn your pit into a dining area. If you want to go bold, you should pair your pit with a water feature. 

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