9 Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf in Your San Diego Yard


When you compare natural grass and artificial turf, you will realize both have pros and cons. In areas where drought is common, such as San Diego county, homeowners enjoy the benefits of artificial turf because they can maintain a beautiful lawn without violating landscaping guidelines or water restrictions of their local Homeowners Association (HOA). Advantages of artificial turf include:

Little to No Maintenance Required

With artificial turf, you do not need weekly maintenance routines such as watering and mowing. After laying the turf in place, little or no maintenance is required. You will only have to sweep off the leaves that fall during the autumn season. With little or no maintenance, artificial helps you save time and focus on other things like spending time with your family, barbecues, and hosting parties.


Although initial installation might seem high initially, artificial grass is long-lasting and cost-effective in the long run. With minimal or no maintenance cost and other additional benefits, artificial turf will prove cost-effective over the years.

Eliminates Puddling

Before installing the turf, the ground is rolled and even out to eliminate grooves and valleys that can cause puddling. To prevent water accumulation after installing the turf, small irrigation channels are created to drain excess water and avoid pooling in low areas. Unlike sod or natural grass, artificial turf eliminates puddling regardless of the location or prevailing weather conditions.

Drought Resistant

Synthetic turf does not need water and hence ideal in areas with drought conditions. Although artificial turf does not require water, you need to rinse the turf occasionally to prevent rust build-up and formation of odors. If you live in an HOA, lack of rain can cause water restriction and strict penalties to homeowners who violate these restrictions. With artificial turf, you do not have to worry about such restrictions.

No Bare Spots or Ruts

If you have a lawn or a garden with natural grass, high foot traffic can lead to ruts, pathways, or bare spots. However, artificial turf is resilient, and it often resists the constant pressure of high traffic. If you have installed artificial turf, the blades will always bounce back and remain upright whenever stepped up, provided the filler is in place. You do not have to worry about patches and bare spots if you installed artificial turf in your front or backyard.

No Grass Stains on Clothing

If you have children, installing artificial turf is a good idea because their clothing and shoes do not get grass or mud stains when they play. Typically, sliding across natural grass results in brown or green streaks that are hard to get out. To avoid such problems, consider installing artificial turf in your backyard.

Safe for Pets and Children

Most artificial turf brands usually have an anti-bacterial to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Ergo, unlike playing on natural grass, children and pets can play on artificial turf without fearing being exposed to harmful fertilizers, pesticides, bacteria, and other toxic chemicals. If you do not want to take any chances on your kid’s or pets’ well-being, artificial turf is the right choice.

You Do Not Have to Worry About Shaded Areas

Natural grass can fade or die in shaded areas because they cannot make their food via photosynthesis. However, artificial turf does not require direct sunlight or water to maintain its color. In shady areas, synthetic turf retains its color and size because it does not require water or sunlight to flourish.

Ideal for Recreational Areas

Since synthetic turf withstands high foot traffic (resistant to wear and tear), it is ideal for recreational areas like tennis courts, patio surfaces, bocce ball courts, and putting greens. When installed in recreational places, artificial turf is easy to maintain, unlike natural grass. With synthetic turf, it is easy to cut and shape in a variety of shapes or designs.

Finally, synthetic turf is environmentally friendly because it does not require maintenance from electric or gas-powered lawn equipment, fertilizer, and other products. With a broom, you can clear the debris or soil from the turf with ease. If you are on a budget, you can save money by purchasing recycled artificial grass. Recycled synthetic turf is recycled and repurposed for use in residential properties. Remember, research thoroughly and seek advice from an expert if you are looking to purchase and install artificial turf to avoid making a mistake.


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