7 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

carlsbad ca bathroom remodeling after photo
  1. Safety hazard

You may not think much of it on a daily basis, but the next time you’re in your bathroom keep an eye out for a few things. For example, the tiles for one could be cracked or slippery. This could cause unnecessary harm to you or others. Or there could be exposed wiring that can come in contact with water. If this is the case, the time to remodel is now!

  1. Need new plumbing

If its been a while since you last replaced your plumbing, the chances are that it could be ready to break down at any moment. Sure, you could get a plumber over to fix some immediate damage, but it wont fix the core problems that come with old plumbing lines. With the money you would spend over the course of the next year or two doing quick fixes, you could have a brand new system that you wont have to worry about.

  1. Mold & Mildew

Mold & mildew is inevitable, especially in an old bathroom. Over time it can get very difficult scrubbing your bathroom clean and getting all that bad gunk off the walls and out of the drains. Remodeling will get rid of all the mold in your bathroom and help prevent it from rapidly growing over the next few years making it much less stressful when giving your bathroom a good scrub.

  1. Increase home value

It’s no secret that any kind of remodel or home improvement will increase the value of your home. But a bathroom could be a deal maker or breaker to potential buyers. Most people want to buy a home that looks and feels clean in each and every room.

  1. Energy efficiency

Save money over the long run with more efficient fixtures such as water efficient toilets, sinks, and showers/tubs.

  1. Regular Home upkeep

Its important to be consistent on your home upkeep and by doing so, you’re not losing money on your investment. For a bathroom specifically, you should renovate every 4-5 years. If its been longer than that, its time to make the call.

  1. Extra storage

And last, but certainly not least. If you’re like me you have a lot of stuff in your bathroom closet, brooms, mops, cleaning supplies, etc. What better way to create more storage in your bathroom then to remodel so you can get all the benefits listed above as well.

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