kitchen remodel ideas

7 Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Consider for Your Space

kitchen remodel ideas

Forty-six percent of homeowners are considering a kitchen model in 2022. But how do you make the right choices when you’re planning a kitchen redesign?

Are you looking to create your dream kitchen?

Let’s go through the top kitchen remodel ideas you should consider for your home.

1. Add More Storage

One of the best things you can do when you’re planning a kitchen design change is to create more storage room for your home. You can never have enough, after all.

Add additional cabinets or change what you have out for something larger or with more shelving. Higher cabinets are one of the most popular options right now.

If you have things you want to display, you can look into open storage options as well.

A kitchen island with built-in drawers and cabinets is a good way to get more subtle storage options into your home. You can even go all the way and add a new pantry to your home. That will ensure you have plenty of room to stock up on supplies, so you won’t have to head to the grocery store often. 

2. Pick Different Hardware

You may not think it, but changing the hardware in your kitchen can totally transform it. Both different colors and different materials can make a significant impact. You can go with a mix-matched approach for a funkier look and feel. 

Consider adding matte fixtures to your home if you’re looking for a more modern design. Or, bronze ones can add a somewhat rustic vibe. 

You can change out your sink to match your new fixtures, too.

3. Mix Up Texture

 Your kitchen is the perfect place to try out different textures for your home design. For one, your appliances are likely to be a different texture than the rest of your design choices in the first place. So, there’s a built-in reason to try something different.

Your countertops are one area where you might want to pick something a little unusual. Quartz is one good option, since it’s sturdy and can come in a lot of different colors to suit the vibe you’re looking for.

Nowadays, most people go for lighter colors when they’re choosing kitchen countertops. But, if you’re looking for something with a more old-school feel, think about going for darker colors instead.

You can also look for appliances that are compatible with paneling so that you can customize your kitchen design even more, and you won’t have to work around your devices. 

4. Lighten Things Up

It’s always nice to add some extra light to your kitchen design. This could be natural light, like adding larger windows or French doors. If you feel like your kitchen looks smaller than it is, adding more natural light and sticking with a white color scheme can help the space feel more open.

Or, you can add more light fixtures or accessories to your home. A fun lamp can help out your lighting while adding to your overall decor scheme. 

Of course, the lightbulbs you choose will play a role in how the final result of your kitchen remodel will turn out.

5. Add Some Color

Your kitchen doesn’t need to be monochrome. Think of a fun new color scheme for your kitchen. For example, you can pick cabinets in a fun pastel like a light. blue, or something more modern like a deep, dark purple. 

You can take a more subtle approach to add color, too. A cool backsplash can add a pop of color without being overwhelming.

But, you want to be careful about what colors (and patterns) you choose. You don’t want to go overboard. Look for colors that mesh well together.

Stay away from dark colors if you plan to paint your walls – it can make your kitchen look a lot smaller. If you can’t decide, your kitchen remodeling company can give you advice to point you in the right direction.

6. Choose the Right Kitchen Flooring 

You’ll also want to choose appropriate flooring for your kitchen. You’ll want to choose something that suits the rest of your home design so that it flows well from room to room.

Depending on the flooring you choose, you might want to invest in heated flooring, so that your feet won’t get cold once the colder months hit.

You can also look for different ways to break up your flooring. You probably don’t want an area rug in the area where you’re preparing food, but you might want one in another area of your kitchen.

7. Think About Seating

If you have a larger kitchen, you might want to add some seating to your kitchen. That way, you can have a more casual eating space than sitting down in your dining room for every meal.

You can add barstools around your kitchen island so that even the person cooking will be able to socialize with people around them. 

Or, you can add a breakfast nook to your kitchen. This is a little cozier than seats around an island and can be easier to use for other reasons. For example, a breakfast nook can be a great place for your children to do their homework. 

These Kitchen Remodel Ideas Are Just the Beginning

Hopefully, these kitchen remodel ideas have given you some inspiration. If you’re just not sure what to do, you can ask the professionals for some advice.

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