kitchen paint colors

10 Popular Kitchen Paint Colors to Consider

kitchen paint colors

Painting is an often-underestimated tool for redesigning your kitchen. Everyone thinks about cabinets, countertops, and flooring, but homeowners often think a simple coat of white will suffice. This simple choice is full of lost potential, as a coat of fresh paint on your kitchen walls is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to completely change the feel of your home. 

If you are ready to check out some different paint colors, keep reading for the top 10 most popular kitchen paint colors right now. 

1. Cream

Plain white paint can feel very drab in an otherwise beautiful kitchen. Too much white on white can feel downright sterile. An easy solution to this problem is a soft cream. 

By aiming just slightly adjacent to white, you can warm up the entire feel of your home. Cream still pairs well with virtually any other kitchen finishes, but it adds a bit of dimension and warmth to your walls. Where white can feel like a default paint, cream can modernize things up a bit and make your wall colors feel like a solid choice. 

2. Peach

If you want to incorporate color without committing to something too overwhelming, consider a nice peach paint! Peach is a soft, not quite orange, not quite pink shade that adds a vibrant flair to any space. 

If your kitchen gets lots of natural light, peach will reflect that light gorgeously. Your sunny home will feel even sunnier, perfect for lots of happy kitchen memories ahead

3. Soft Gray

Gray does not have to be one shade of flat, cool gray. A softer, warmer tone of light gray is an amazing way to break up an all-white or all-black kitchen without weighing down the space.

A soft, pillowy gray will also complement cool-toned cabinets, like green or blue. The final look is warm and inviting, perfect for any entertainment kitchen. 

4. Sage Green

Green kitchens are having a serious moment right now. Homeowners all across the United States with varying design tastes are all in agreement that green is one of the most popular paint colors of the year. 

Sage green is a great option for kitchens that want that subtle touch of green without being overwhelming. Sage is muted and soft in comparison to an emerald, so it can complement many different finishes and styles. 

5. Soft Blue

Blue is another trending color this year. Soft, powder blues, in particular, are growing immensely in popularity. Soft blue is a great wall paint choice- it adds a pop of color without demanding too much attention. 

Don’t think of powder blues as being explicitly coastal- any home design can work with a light blue. Lighter-toned kitchens look amazing with soft blue walls. Kitchens with dark finishes can benefit greatly from the impact of a steel blue on the walls. 

By incorporating this popular paint color into your kitchen design, you can enjoy the feeling of color without feeling washed out by intense walls. 

6. Butter Yellow 

Yellow paint and kitchens are a match made in heaven. Popular for years, a bright butter yellow is an iconic choice for kitchens. 

Yellow is great for kitchens that need a bit of extra brightness, as this bright hue reflects light well. This color is vivid enough that it can make your home feel even brighter than white paint can. 

While yellow is a classic vintage tone, modern kitchens can also benefit from the impact of yellow wall paint. This happy color works excellently as a statement color behind modern appliances and finishes. 

7. Retro Pink

Soft, dreamy pinks are back on the rise. Pink is a happy color that truly encapsulates your personality in your kitchen. 

Pink is another brightening wall choice. A pop of pink on your kitchen walls can make your space feel light and airy. Pink is neutral enough to pair well with almost any home finishings you have picked out for your kitchen renovation without clashing. 

8. Vivid Orange

If you are not looking for a subtle accent, there is nothing more vivid than a bright orange. Orange is a great kitchen color, as it pairs nicely with other bold pat terms. If you have bold tile or flooring you want to stand out, orange wall paint helps complete the look. 

Orange accents can look very modern and chic. Earthy-toned oranges look incredible in many different homes and look amazing against natural light. 

9. Punchy Blue

Bright sapphire blues are back. Homes across the United States are taking advantage of this trendy paint color.  

The brightness of a punchy blue looks modern, eclectic, chic, and vibrant all at the same time. Blue is a color that is able to complement almost any kitchen finish, even intense blues. The versatility of bright blue makes it a fantastic choice as an accent color. 

10. Tropical Green

In contrast to the muted subtlety of sage green, tropical greens bring in an extra layer of brightness and light. These vivid shades of green are growing more and more popular, with many homeowners loving the contrast of a bright green against their kitchen cabinets and counters.

This statement shade also helps to illuminate some of the natural light you are getting in your space. Green can be the perfect backdrop for white, black, or wood-toned cabinetry, or any type of countertops. The flexibility of vivid greens is making them more and more common in American homes. 

Kitchen Paint Colors for Every Home Project

Plain white kitchens are okay, but colorful paint is much more fun. There are so many kitchen paint colors to choose from when planning your kitchen remodel. The best kitchen paint colors for you are the ones that make you feel at home. 

It’s time to start picking! Choose a few samples to try out and start picking your paint colors today! 

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