5 Modern Patio Remodeling Ideas

Patio remodeling ideas

Are you looking to remodel your patio?

It seems like at least once in every homeowner’s lifetime that they get the chance to redo their entire patio. We all have patio remodeling ideas, but sometimes a little inspiration goes a long way. It helps to have a thematic direction and to know where you can channel your energy.

Give this article a read for five modern patio remodeling ideas that will inspire you.

1. Go with Brick or Concrete

When planning an upgrade for your patio, the materials will make all the difference. While wood is classic and won’t ever go out of style, try brick or concrete instead for a more modern look. The right tiled floor or accent half-walls can make a world of difference.

You can go for a modern industrial feel with some red brickwork with dark accents. On the other hand, you could also keep things light and airy with a white Mediterranean vibe. Brick and concrete can give you more options for your floors, but you can also do decorative posts and fences.

You could even incorporate some mosaic tile if you feel like some extra European flavor. It’s the perfect way to splice artistic flair into your outdoor space.

2. Enclose Your Space

While remodeling, you might like the idea of enclosing your patio. It helps keep the rain and wind out, but more importantly, it makes your patio cozy. Most modern patio designs these days are actually enclosed on two or three sides.

You have the roof, a back wall like your house, and a third “wind wall.” Minimizing the effects of wind can help keep your patio comfy. You could also use a semi-porous fence to break up the wind, but let a calculated amount in.

In terms of modern designs, the world is your oyster. Mediterranean red tile roofs are making a huge comeback, as is the general South European look. You could also take a cue from nature and incorporate living walls or greenery in your enclosure.

Vines wrapping around an elegant lattice fence wall look gorgeous, and the same is true for stacked stone. The key is to imagine your space as your perfect oasis. Keep it thematically consistent, and the rest will fall into place.

3. A Central Fire

There is nothing quite like gathering around a fire. The warmth and comfort you experience are second to none, making it an obvious addition to any patio. When doing your patio remodeling, why not think about having a central fire?

The classic fire pit doesn’t have to be your only option. Fire pit tables are pretty common and easy to find in various styles. For example, a fire pit table could double as a coffee table when not in use.

You could even get a larger stone or granite table with plenty of space around a central cutout for the fire. This gives everyone plenty of room for food and drinks while the fire roars. You could even cook on the fire and make your nights extra memorable.

A second option is a more traditional gas fireplace. Double-sided fireplaces have been gracing outdoor spaces for a while now. They’re a great way to provide consistent warmth from a cozy hearth setting.

A great way of incorporating a fireplace is with a rough-cut stone look for the border. This would work extra well with a nature-style patio. For a Mediterranean alternative, clean white or blue brick would be the way to go.

4. Landscape Around it

People spend so much time working on their patio that they neglect everything around it. Home improvement means improving every aspect of your home, so why not include some landscaping? Build some new features in your yard and lean into them for your patio design.

A hot trend has been to create hidden groves in your yard. Think of stone walkways cutting through your lush garden to a small clearing. Inside consider comfy patio chairs gathered around a fire or under a classic wood gazebo.

If you already have trees and a vibrant garden, it would be a shame not to make use of them. With some well-placed hedges, you could accentuate what is already there. All it takes is the right mixture of stone, wood, and vines to make your own enchanted forest getaway.

5. Outdoor Kitchen or Bar

Of all the patio remodeling ideas, this one might be the most self-indulgent. That said, it can be super practical for those who love to cook and entertain. So why not take the opportunity to turn one side of your patio into an outdoor kitchen or a bar?

Remember the idea of the large table with the fire pit in the middle? Imagine it with a fully stocked fridge bursting with ice-cold drinks and delicious food ready to cook. Think about the dinner parties you could throw out there and the convenience of it all.

If you had a bar, you’d never have to go inside to make a drink. You could serve yourself and your guests from the comfort of the patio.

The way you design your practical patio is up to you. A bar can be classy and elegant, with a polished marble top or lacquered wood. Your outdoor kitchen could be granite, marble, or even concrete.

The overall look will depend on any broader theme you’re adopting. Industrial modern, natural, or Mediterranean are all popular now. Remember to clarify which one you want early and stick to it for the best results.

5 Modern Patio Remodeling Ideas

When it comes to patio remodeling ideas, the devil is in the details. Your preference matters, but an important key is thematic consistency. Stick to that rule, and you’ll be golden.

That said, it always helps to have a team of experts you can trust. At Designs 4 You, we’ve been doing excellent remodeling and landscaping for years. To find out how we can help you take your remodeling projects to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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